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About Eva Cash

Eva Cash (EVA) is an ECR20 based token which focus on building a network of users in the agricultural industry –more specifically, aimed at introducing electronic (cryptocurrency) mode of payment in agricultural firms and industries globally.

We have carefully observed the development of importation and exportation of agricultural produce most especially in the African region and world at large, this make us strongly believe that introducing “Eva Cash” into agriculture will make cryptocurrencies go mainstream.

Eva Cash
Eva Cash

Inefficiencies in the agricultural market

Despite the growth of the agricultural industry, the industry still faces several challenges. Farmers mostly in Africa and Asia regions often have a hard time selling their agricultural products to customers due to a lack of information. Between the producing farmer in the countryside and the end-consumer in the cities or overseas there is a chain of intermediaries.

There are too many middlemen when it comes to making agro transactions, which counts down to banks and numerous individuals who act as intermediaries between farmers and their customers, this accompanies a price which makes the customers pay more while the farmers earn less during the business transaction.

Our Aim

Eva aims to resolve the inefficiencies in the agricultural market, we will be the only intermediary between farmers and the agro-industry, we are building an Eco-system that will directly link farms, farmers and agro-product buyers a.k.a customers despite their border barriers.

With our unique agro platform, we believe we will be able to solve some of the major problems affecting the agro-industry mostly in the Asia/Africa regions and build a network for farmers and customers, also provide them with a base for information.


Eva Cash

Token Distribution

Founder&Team 10%

Airdrop&Bounty 5%

Pre-sale&Ico 35%

Advisors 5%

Reserve 5%

Swap 40%

Contract Address: 0xba14b245d449965bdbeb630e


Token Information

Eva Token

Total supply: 100,000

Decimal: 6

Contract Address: 0x632a9dc767860d3ba86f2ac6575bac51402b9afa


Eva Cash

Total supply: 1,000,000

Decimal: 6

Contract Address: 0xba14b245d449965bdbeb630e be135b569474f5b1


Softcap - 50 ETH

Hardcap - 150 ETH

1 Eva Cash - $0.50


VIP sales:

35,000 Eva Cash - 5 ETH

Nov. 16th - Nov. 20th


3000 Eva Cash - 1 ETH

Nov. 21st - Nov. 30th

Main ICO

1500 Eva Cash - 1 ETH

Dec. 1st - Jan. 5th

Our Team

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